Monday, January 23, 2006

Birthday Aspirations: World Care

-Get regularly involved with Seattleā€™s homeless community

-Host and help organize social justice awareness and action events in community

-Build relationship with and serve my neighborhood

-Educate myself about current socio-political issues locally and globally

-Participate in peacemaking and social justice activism via online campaigns, letter writing, phone calls, marches, and rallies

-Be Green: consume less; recycle; buy fair-trade, local, sustainable, 2nd-hand

-Write to tell the stories of the suffering and oppressed, to raise awareness and provoke action

-Research and consider purchasing a bio-diesel fueled automobile

-Ride my bike more

-Develop personal relationships with, serve, and learn from individuals that represent communities and issues I feel passionate about

-Discover ways to stand in solidarity with those who suffer, lifting them up to the Great Healer


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