Monday, January 22, 2007

DRC Journal: Entry 1

Three days of gruelling travel...Seattle - DC - Johannesburg - Kinshasa...and I'm here in the Democratic Republic of Congo! It's hot and humid and very green. Kinshasa, the capitol, is buzzing with over 8 million people that all seem to be on the streets at the same time. As I sit here borrowing someone's laptop the electricity just went out, which happens often. Luckily we have water. I met an American who is studying Congolese music here yesterday who said that before we arrived they had not had water or electricity for 10 days.
I have met many interesting people... today I spent several hours with a doctor talking about women's issues in Congo particularly surrounding childbirth, which as a doula is of great interest to me. On Wednesday I head to Bukavu in eastern Congo which was where much of the conflict occurred and where many women are suffering.
I have to run as the sun has set and the mosquitos are starting to buzz around me. I will try to report again soon. Thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes!


Anonymous Mona said...

So glad to hear you made it safely! My best friend just lost two members of her church in a car-jacking in Africa... please be careful and don't take your safety for granted. The world is lucky to have brave people like you in it. Am waiting anxiously for your next installment!

4:00 PM  

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