Monday, March 05, 2007


After two incredible weeks of wild animals and beautiful beaches in Kruger and Cape Town, South Africa...and over 30 hours of travelling back to Seattle...Pat and I are home. It is good to see my cats and sleep in my own bed and take a hot shower, but I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by the shock of it all. Re-entry sucks. It feels as if I had started another life in Africa, one that I was meant to live, and now I'm back home and trying to figure out how to reconcile it all. I guess one thing's for's in my bones and it always will be...connecting with other cultures, experiencing the land, the food, the music, the lifeblood of others so different from me, and yet my family. Bearing witness to injustice and suffering and hope and passion...this story is not over, it has just begun...
More soon.